How to Work From Home and Parent My Kids

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In many societies around the world these days both husband and wife are members of the work force. Many times this formula evolved to provide for families to keep up with the modern life style. Some, particularly mothers, find it an intrusion on their other drive to parent full-time. Catch 22, let’s say.

Then there are the “lucky ones”, those who have found a home based venture that pays well enough, using the in between hours, to justify not doing 35 hours each week for someone else.

Over a hundred years ago, communities ran with the aid of the “cottage industry” that is business run from the home. The arts and craft suited well with the making of clothes, other woven creations etc and many other items that provided for a community.

Next the factory evolved for larger production and large employment and I imagine we left the home to join the production. Life styles changed.

The idea of work-from-home now is a highly desirable concept, to allow the partner to produce an income while fully parenting. The savings in costs in day care and before and after school care are significant, the cost of transport reduced and parent power enhanced.

The trend I promote here is the “wellness industry”. Right round the world, particularly the aging population just want to look good, feel good and live longer. The next trillion dollar industry is the wellness industry according to Paul Zane Pilzer, a predictor of trend shifts.

Now when that industry and the home based concept come together there is a formula for assisting each other to increase lifestyle without the problems traditional business presents.

Some twenty percent of the world’s production is distributed through the modern-day version of the cottage industry. Not in the production but in the marketing and distribution.

The home computer provides the communication, marketing, training and sales model. What was word-of-mouth is now spread via the internet and various forms of voice, text and other written and verbal communication.

Incomes generated by this model vary from “hobby incomes” to provide the little extras and buffer financial stress to full day-job incomes. Even financial freedom for those with that goal and who operate consistently, offering value to others.

Such incomes can be generated when the desire and skills come together. Take a look at such an operation, now available in 73 countries, with another 70 countries to open in the next decade.


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