Safety in YOUR Home and Preventing Home Accidents

June 13th, 2022 by dayat Leave a reply »

There are ways for us to prevent home accidents in our homes and parents should have the Home Accident Prevention Audit (HAPA) to safe-proof their homes from any undue harm from occurring. It is a detailed checklist created that goes over the top 5 fatal accidents in the home for prevention. There are many more, yet these are the ones that kill 18,000 and injure 13 million each year. Other than state agencies, there is no one human trying to safeguard families from home accidents from tragedies in their homes. My experiences with crises and traumas have led me to this point in my life and I have made this my mission to save others before they face the nightmares I have lived through.

Fires, poisonings, drownings, Falls, and suffocation/choking are the top 5 fatal accidents in the home and I have had first-hand experience with 3 of the 5. I have lost close family in a house fire, which devastated me when I was 15, and then had a close friend lose her child in a pool drowning. Life seems unfair so many times, yet answers can come later down the road. In 2011, my next tragedy happened when my baby girl was crushed by her dresser and TV when she climbed up them and pulled them down on top of her. This nightmare was what changed my entire life and brought me to the understanding of what my purpose is in this world… helping others and saving lives.

Jesseca is a complete miracle today after doctors told us she would not make it with so much trauma to her brain, yet I am here to tell you, there is power in prayer and divine intervention. She is a perfectly normal child today with hearing loss in her right ear. Everyday is a new day and we are very blessed to watch up and have her in our lives. She has helped me decide to get back in school and make this my profession.

Helping people in ways life has touched me through tragedies and gotten me through the hardest of times is a way of coping for me. I know how hard it is to suffer through loss and devastation. I can relate with love, compassion, and an empathic ear. I have studied hypnotherapy to help those who cannot grasp their loss and need help overcoming their negative mindset. Helping anyone who is suffering from an accident in their home helps me heal even more, if that makes sense.

Safety in YOUR home is my number one goal. Prevention can and will be first with the HAPA. Since, I cannot prevent every home from accidents; coaching toward a brighter tomorrow can help when tragedy strikes the home and individuals or families need me. I have been there and can relate, so don’t just cope… there’s always hope.


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